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St Luke's 50th Anniversary of Refurbishment

St Luke’s Church Royal Haslar 50th anniversary of total refurbishment.

St Luke’s Church Haslar has served the spiritual needs of Staff, Patients and the local community for some 252 years. In 1961 the medical officer in charge of Haslar was informed that St Luke’s had major problems arising from death watch beetles attacking all woodwork including the roof. St Luke’s required a complete restoration and for some time the church stood forlorn and exposed to the elements with no roof.

The lack of finances had struck and some £33,000 had to be found to undertake the work required. Many changes took pace with the main body of the church including the lowering and shortening of the gallery. Navy works completed the reconstruction under the guidance of the Georgian Society led by Sir John Betjeman. St Luke’s was re-dedicated on the 18th October 1964 by the Bishop of Portsmouth the Right Reverend JHL Phillips.

On the 19th October 2014 St Luke’s will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the refurbishment of the church with a service of celebration of both remembering the churches past service, refurbishment and also look forward to becoming the centre of the community yet to come as part of the planned development of Haslar.

The Bishop of Portsmouth the Right Reverend Christopher Foster will officiate supported by the Archdeacon of the Royal Navy the Venerable Ian Wheatley. The service will take place at 1100 Sunday 19th October (St Luke’s Tide) 2014. You are welcome to attend.

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