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The Hospital Buildings

Erroll Hall

Erroll Hall was opened in 1913 following a bequest from the widow of Commander George Erroll RN who died in service. It was used as a library, for snooker and billiards and as a rest centre for patients. The main hall has a stage and changing rooms well into the 1950s was regularly used for the entertainment of both patients and staff. BBC broadcasts from the hall featured well known acts as Flanagan and Allen, Cyril Fletcher, Arthur Askey, Dorothy Squires and the Memphis Boys. Many of the shows were also taken to the wards especially the TB wards.

In the new plan of Haslar it is intended that Erroll Hall will once more be used for the good of the Haslar Community and local residents.


Errol Hall

Pathology Laboratory

Pathology Laboratory

Completed in 1899 this is the only new building built out of line to the hospital in general. This was in order that the large windows faced south to obtain good light required to undertake microscopic work in Victorian times.

'G' Block

‘G’ Block mainly served as the Psychiatric Block of the hospital following the move of the Asylum from the ground floor of the now ‘E’ Block. This building has also served as a Nurses home and then returned to the Psychiatric service once more.

Sentry Post & Summer House

Summer House

The area in which the Sentry Posts stands was, up until 1899, the main airing ground for Patients and was open land with no buildings. Sentries used this lookout to keep ‘a watch’ on patients using the airing grounds.

Close by is the Summer House, sadly now in disrepair. Seen in this picture in earlier times.

Sentry Post

Zymotic Blocks

The Zymotic blocks formed part of a self-contained hospital for the treatment of patients suffering from infectious diseases.

Building No. 40

Building No. 40

The central administration building for the Zymotic Hospital. This building has seen many uses over the past century.

Administration Block

Built in 1904 as the ‘Sick Officers’ block it was a self contained hospital unit. Since then it has served as a Nurses Home and Medical Branch Training School. The building was finally the offices of the Commanding Officer.

Administration Block

Eliza MacKenzie House

Eliza MacKenzie House

Built in 1899 this was the Nursing Sisters Mess up until 1996 used by the QARNNS after which date it became part of the combined Medical Mess. The mess is named after Miss Eliza MacKenzie who in 185, during the Crimean War, led 5 nurses to work at the Naval Hospital in Therapia thereby setting a precedent for nursing in Naval Hospitals in England in 1884.

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