Haslar Heritage Group

Haslar Heritage Group

Haslar Heritage Group is a small but enthusiastic organisation dedicated to promoting the rich heritage and history of the Royal Hospital Haslar, together with that of the Royal Navy medical and nursing services and the many illustrious people that have worked, studied and lived there.

It was formed in 2001 to prepare for the 250th anniversary of the hospital admitting its very first patients in 1753.  Today it consists of both new residents and former staff members.

Amongst our activities, we organise tours of the hospital site, look after St Luke’s Church, develop plans for a new heritage centre and museum, undertake educational activity and give advice to the developer regarding the historical aspects of the new development – we suggested the new road names for example.

We have incorporated the QARNNS Archive, currently housed at the nearby Institute of Naval Medicine, and their extensive collection of naval nursing memorabilia and records.

We are pleased to be affiliated to the National Museum of the Royal Navy and, with their help, plan to represent naval medical history on their behalf.

Top: Peter Derby; Eric Birbeck; Bill Durning; Mark Trasler. Bottom: Julia Massey QARNNS; Pauline Philpott; Ann Ryder; Susan Smith; Sue Pyke
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