Matrons & Senior Nurses

There follows a listing of Matrons & Senior Nurses of the Royal Hospital Haslar.
The listing has been taken from available information within Royal Hospital Haslar using the name and title boards.
The information has been directly transcribed from the title boards and apologies are made should names be missing, or errors have occur. The fault if any lies with the person who had the paintbrush at the time and who’s brushes will have long been idle!
Head Sister 
 1802Miss Ann Lapthorn
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Matron Ann Lapthorn during the French Revolution Head Sister Louisa Hogg Head Sister Isabella Smith
Head Sister Grace H Mackay Director of Nursing Group Captain B J Forward  ARRC PMRAFNS Director of Nursing Colonel K George  RRC  L/QARANC
 Senior Nursing Officer Commander E M Weall  RRC  Ost J  QARNNS  
ACRONYMs explained
Associate of the Royal Red Cross
QARANCQueen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
Order of St John
PMRAFNSPrincess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service
Royal Red Cross
 1885Miss Henrietta Stewart
 1886Miss Bellab Storey
 1889Miss Louisa Hogg
 1899Miss Isabella Smith  RRC
 1901Miss Grace H Mackay
 1903Miss Florence Cadenham
 1909Miss Evangeline E Hart  RRC
 1912 Miss Kathleen M Hickey  RRC
 1922Miss Mary C Clark  RRC
 1929Miss Catherine C Renwick  RRC (Head Sister-in-Chief QARNNS in 1934)
 1937 Miss Doris W Beale  ARRC
 1939Miss Matilda Goodrich  RRC
 1944Miss Jean Gillanders  RRC
Principal Matron
 1946Miss Kathleen Baker  RRC
Miss Grace Martin  RRC
 1953Miss Muriel E Gawston  OBE  RRC
 1957Miss Kathleen Greenwood  RRC
 1959Miss Joan Woodgate  RRC
 1961Miss S K Estella Richards  RRC
 1962Miss A A Elizabeth Burman  RRC
 1964Miss Alice I Mitchell  RRC
 1967Miss Christina Thompson  RRC
 1970Miss Cynthia Cook  RRC
 1973Miss Patricia Gould  RRC  Matron
 1975Miss Shiela R R Barto  ARRC  Matron
 1976Miss Helen M Scott  ARRC
 1978Miss Hilda E K Gander  ARRC
 1979Miss Eileen M Northway  ARRC
 1980Miss Ethel Wade  ARRC
 1982Miss Pamela Greystone  ARRC (Chief Nursing Officer 1986)
 1987Miss Jane Titley  ARRC  (Chief Nursing Officer 1986)
Chief Nursing Officer
 1988Miss Julia Massey  ARRC
Miss Virginia C Fisher  ARRC
Miss Christina M Poole  ARRC
Miss Jean Bancroft
 1995Miss Jean Bancroft
Director of Nursing
Following the Royal Hospital Haslar becoming a Tri-Service Hospital 1 April 1996.
2 April 1996Group Captain B J Forward ARRC PMRAFNS
9 March1999
Colonel K George  RRC  L/QARANC
9 October2000Commander E M Weall RRC OSt J QARNNS
Senior Nursing Officer
Following the Royal Hospital Haslar entering into Partnership with Portsmouth Hospital Trust.
30 March2002
Commander E M Weall RRC OSt J QARNNS

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