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1753 - First Hospital Staff 1800 - Hospital Staff
1753 - First Hospital Staff
An artist’s impression of the first staff to work at the Royal Hospital Haslar and also a patient possibly one of the first 100 patients to be admitted in October 1753.
1800 - Hospital Staff
A new century and with a change in uniforms the staff are now joined by a nurse.  The Agent acted as a supply officer to the hospital and occupied an office in the Main Arcade with the Marine undertaking sentry duties to prevent the patients as pressed men from escaping.
1890 - Matron and Sisters 1896 - Naval Surgeons
1890 - Matron and Sisters
Miss Louisa Hogg, Head Nurse poses with her nurses at the front of the Arcade.  This is one of the first nursing staff photographs to be found.
1896 - Naval Surgeons
Summer time and the Naval Surgeons pose for the camera in ‘Cowes Rig’ (white trousers and frock coats) in the grounds at the front of Haslar close to what was the old Medical Mess on the ground floor of what is now ‘D’ Block.
1902 - QARNNS Nursing Sisters 1907 - Sick Berth Assistants
1902 - QARNNS Nursing Sisters
Miss Grace Mackay with QARNNS Nursing Sisters.  It is possible that this picture was taken in front of the new Nursing Sisters Mess.
1907 - Sick Berth Assistants
Sick Berth Staff at their ease in front of the Arcade.  In the early days they were also known as Sick Bay Stewards.
1910 - RNH Haslar Medical Officers 1910 - Police and Hospital Ground Staff
1910 - RNH Haslar Medical Officers
Medical Officers posing for the camera in the grounds possibly opposite the newly opened Medical Mess.  The Senior Medical Officer present is believed to be Surgeon Rear Admiral T Gimlette, CB RN, Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets.
1910 - Police and Hospital Ground Staff
The Law and Ground Staff who acted as Fire Crew pose for the camera as the main gate with the Porters Lodge in the background.
1910 - Operating Theatre Staff 1920 - Hospital Catering Staff
1910 - Operating Theatre Staff
Operating Theatre Staff in the first Operating Theatre at Haslar that was situated on the first floor above the Arcade. This operating theatre remained in use until the end of the 1960’s by which time another three theatres had entered service.
1920 - Hospital Catering Staff
The picture is of the Chefs and Stewards of the Medical Mess with the Senior Steward or caterer.
1920 - Hospital Workers 1928 - Night Duty Staff
1920 - Hospital Workers
This photograph has names on the back that proves many members of the same family worked in Haslar.  It is thought that these members of staff were ground staff and hospital support staff.  The hospital dog is the only one not wearing a cap.
1928 - Night Duty Staff
Sick Berth Attendants pose for a photograph having completed their night duty.
1937 - Sick Berth Staff Probationers 1938 - Sick Berth Assistants
1937 - Sick Berth Staff Probationers
Probationary Sick Berth Staff pose with course instructors and Surgeon Rear Admiral C Buckeridge, CB OBE RN in the grounds of Canada Block.
1938 - Sick Berth Assistants
A year later and another course passes out from training and pose for the camera with Surgeon Rear Admiral T Creaser, KHP RN.  All Sick Bay staff wore the same uniform known as ‘Tiffies Rig’ this was to change in the early 1960s.
1946 - Medical Mess Staff 1990 - QARNNS Nursing Staff
1946 - Medical Mess Staff
Medical Mess photograph with Surgeon Rear Admiral O’Flyn,  CB KHP RN
1990 - QARNNS Nursing Staff
2003 - Tri-Service Medical Staff 2003 - Civilian Personnel Staff
2003 - Tri-Service Medical Staff
Royal Hospital Haslar became a Tri-Service hospital on the 1st April 1996 and is staffed by Royal Navy, Army and RAF medical staff.
2003 - Civilian Personnel Staff
The hospital is supported by a wide range of civilian personnel and not one flat cap amongst them!


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