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Past - Quadrangle Present - Quadrangle
1900 - The Quadrangle
An open space for the use of patients and staff since the completion of the hospital in 1762. The main path from the Arcade to the Church was always referred to as the Admiral's Walk reserved for the use of senior officers.
Ever increasing demand for clinical services gave way to the Crosslink being completed in 1984 with the retention of two quadrant areas to give an indication as to how the garden area looked.
Past - Houses 11 & 12 Present - Houses 11 & 12
1900 - Road to House 11 and 12
A country estate view of Haslar on a misty day
Little change from the past view save for the loss of trees and shrubs
Past - The Admiral's Walk Present - The Admiral's Walk
1900 - The Admiral's Walk
Immaculate with well-trimmed trees with St. Luke's Curch atthe end of the walk.
A great change with the Crosslink obscuring the view of St. Luke's Church
Past - The Main Facade Present - The Main Facade
1908 - The Main Facade
This view looks across the road picture seen previously seen towards the Main Arcade of Haslar.
Little change - The chimneys have been shortened but the grounds are still immaculate.
Past - The Admiral's Walk Present - The Admiral's Walk
1908 - The Admiral's Walk
This view looks from the church towards the Main Arcade and the pavillion of the first Operating Theatre can be seen on the first floor over the Arcade. This was removed at the end of the First World War and the theatre remained in use until late 1960's.
A wider open space that still provided a peaceful sunny area for staff and patients to admire this stately building.
Past - Eliza McKenzie House Present - Eliza McKenzie House
1930 - Eliza McKenzie House
Completed in 1899 and the home of the QARNNS Nursing Sisters. With a winding path this view once again gives a country style view of the house. Named after Eliza McKenzie who set the standard for the Naval Nursing Service.
Development has seen a change of view.
Past - The Medical Mess Present - The Medical Mess
1901 - The Medical Mess
The Medical Mess which provided new accommodation for the Medical Officers following their move from the old mess which was previously situated in the corner of 'E' Block as it is now and opposite House 11 & 12, Eliza McKenzie House is in the background.
Very little change save for the fact that there are now hard surfaced tennis courts.
Past - Canada Block Present - Canada Block
1917 - Canada Block
Newly opened by Queen Mary in April 1917 Canada Block was built from funds raised by the Women of Canada in gratitude for help given to Canadian Expenditionary Forces in the First World War. Canada Block was the Sick Berth Staff Quarters for over sixty years.
Canada Block stands unchanged.
Past - The Main Gate Present - The Main Gate
1900 - The Main Gate
Now known as the Ceremonial Gate this was once the main entrance to Haslar through which the Haslar Tramway ran from Haslar Jetty to the Arcade and transported the sick and injured to the hospital.
No longer the main entrance this fine view was missed by most visitors and patients but Haslar stands proudly reflecting the hospital's past history.
Past - Ward Present - Ward
1900 - Ward
Neat and tidy just one of the many wards of Haslar in the early 20th Century.
The same wards a century on and staffed by members of all three medical services and out nursing colleagues from Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.
Past - Operating Theatre Present - Operating Theatre
1920 - The First Operating Theatre
Situated over the Main Arcade this shows the inside of the operating theatre and the pavillion as shown in the Admiral's Walk image. The stool at at the head of the operating table was still in use in the Operating Theatre in 1967 (E Birbeck).
Space age technology and the most modern of operating suites in the Crosslink building.
Past - X-Ray Department Present - X-Ray Department
1960's - X-Ray Department
The X-Ray department was previously situated over the Main Arcade.
The Radiological Department occupied the ground floor of the Crosslink building and provided the most modern of equipment. This picture is one of the two MRI Scanners that was used by Haslar staff.
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