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Aerial View 1920's/1930's This old postcard from the late 1920's and possible early 1930's may be one of the first published aerial views of the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar. In this view you can see the open quadrangle and the ground floor open arched area of the main hospital used by patients and staff.
Also visible but since demolished is the gatehouse to the Zymotic Blocks which was at this time a separate hospital area to the main building. This picture gives an idea of the expanse of the grounds to the hospital especially the tennis courts and airing grounds to the right of Canada Block now fully developed.
This view was taken in 1970 as the redevelopment work was nearing completion on the refurbished 'A' Block now 'D' Block. The arched area of the ground floor had all but been redeveloped as the Physiotherapy Department, Library, Management Offices and Pharmacy.
The Quadrangle was still a place of peace and solitude with rose beds and grassed areas. The airing grounds to the right of Canada Block were still in use and this area was open grounds for the inmates of the asylum in the time of the 19th and early 20th Century.
Aerial View 1970
Aerial View 1970 An autumnal view of Haslar taken in 1970 with the redevelopment work on 'A' Block very much in evidence as this was the only block ever to have the mid block area developed to allow for a much larger ward and departmental area. Form this view the open space of the quadrangle can be appreciated, also the tennis courts and rose gardens in front of the nurses and QARNNS mess.
Aerial View 1984 These two views were both taken after 1984 showing the extensive development of the quadrangle to take the Crosslink building and stores buildings adjoining the new Senior and Junior Ranks messes which were opened in 1976.Aerial View 1984
The Royal Hospital Haslar stands proudly to meet the demands of the 21st Century and the Royal Hospital Haslar still remains "Grand in Conception, Magnificent in Structure and Enduring in Service".Aerial View Present Day



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