Haslar Heritage Group

The group consists (currently) of ex-members of staff, both military and civil who have and hold an interest in the history of Haslar and are working with the owner of Haslar regarding the plans for site.
Current members of the group all have a background in working within Haslar in specific departments and share an understanding of both Haslar and the buildings on the site.
The group are currently working in conjunction with the owner’s management regarding the provision of a ‘Visitor’s centre’ in order to present the history of Haslar and the Royal Naval Medical and Dental Branch.
Top: Peter Derby; Eric Birbeck; Bill Durning; Mark Trasler. Bottom: Julia Massey QARNNS; Pauline Philpott; Ann Ryder; Susan Smith; Sue Pyke
The group also work closely with ‘Shore Leave at Haslar’ and the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service Archive who is represented within the Heritage Group.
In due course as plans for the site unfold it is intended to open the group to outside interested people who would wish to become members and supporters.
The group is currently unfunded (directly) and would be grateful for consideration of grants and external financial contributions.
The Royal Hospital Haslar was the first of three hospitals built in the 18th century for sick and wounded sailors and marines and was the last to remain in service
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