The Arcade

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The Arcade The Arches The Attic
The Arcade - 1753
The Arcade was built in 1746. In the early days of the hospital this is where patients were admitted for treatment. Off the Arcade were the Patient's Receiving Room, agents room and the Captain Superintendent's Office. The original doorways still exists.
The Arches - 1753/1762
The ground floor arches faced the inner quadrangle and were originally open areas for patients to sit. One such area still exists and can be seen at 'F' Block.
The Attic - 1753
The vast attic area of the hospital was used in the 18th century as accommodation for both discharged patients and pensioner staff.
The Light Shaft The Georgian Stairs The Oval Staircase Original Flooring
The Light Shaft - 1753
The light shaft was constructed to draw natural light into all floors of the Central area above the Arcade.
Georgian Stairs - 1762
There are few remaining staircases in their original form but many were rebuilt as the hospital underwent change. Railings from one staircase now form the altar rail in St. Luke's Church.
Oval Staircase - 1957
This splendid oval staircase was built during the refurbishment of the hospital in the late 1950's.
Floor - 1746
There is one remaining area of original teak flooring left in the hospital opposite C3 Ward (Arcade End).
The Cellar - 1745
Cellars extend under the main building and formed storage areas and in the early days this included a stable. In the Second World War part of the cellars were used as Operating Theatres and Bomb Shelters.
Cellar Plan 1 Cellar Plan 2
The Cellar (Modern Day)
The Cellar (Modern Day)
The Cellar
The Cellar
The Cellar Operating Theatre Hospital Staff in the Cellar


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